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Thu. Oct. 27 • Tishrei 25, 5777 • Bereishit
Part of what makes this so shocking is that it seems to come out of nowhere.
Derech eretz is so important that there is a minor tractate dedicated to the topic.
For an informed reading of the weekly Haftarah - Isaiah 42:5-21
A chassidic story on the power of trust in G-d
Helping others as part of an intercontinental charitable effort
“Why?” I ask myself. “Why is this woman always a prisoner to the past and to what she lacks?”
This is a totally hypothetical situation that would never really happen. My wife is angry at me.
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Daily Dose: Dancing With Feet

On Simchat Torah we dance with our feet, not with our heads.

We are celebrating the Torah, and the Torah is something we study with our heads. But we dance with our feet, not with our heads.

If we would dance with our heads, each one would dance a different dance, each in a different space, some with friends but not...

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